It isn’t an everyday feeling. It’s not even one that you can guarantee a person will ever have in their life. So how do I justify having felt it more than once? Am I super-special or just damn fucking lucky?

And how does a person quantify the feeling of complete and under comfort in the presence of another. The one where you feel as though you’ve known them for a thousand years. Where you gaze at them with warmth and affection, until they put their hand on your thigh and then your gaze turns to one of smoldering longing.

This is comfort born not of familiarity but of chemistry and mutual like-age. Incorporating NRE with unbridled lust, and a propensity to constantly feel the skin of the other beneath your fingertips. Where a finger run softly across your back turns your knees to mush, and you thank the deity of your choice that you are sitting down, as you know that were you not, you’d be in a crumpled heap on the floor.

And then later, as you tingle all over from their touch, and  try desperately to catch your breath after a protracted and deeply satisfying gush of an orgasm, you realise that you have to bid them farewell soon — but you know you’ll see them again. And again. Soon.

Ain’t nothing better.


“You make me feel so relaxed.”

She smiled up at him, from her vantage point between his knees, and continued what she’d been doing.

He sighed, and stroked her hair.

“It’s such a weird sensation. I mean, when you do that — ohmigodddd — I’m harder than the fucking rock of Gibraltar…”

Catching his eye again, she winked.

He continued, lying back in his chair, and exhaling a stream of smoke from his mouth.

“I feel so… comfortable with you. It’s as though we’ve known each other for so long — I understand you; you understand me. And you arouse me immensely. I can feel it streaming throughout my body… but my dick is happy to relax. It’s not a reflection on you in a negative way — the opposite, in fact.”

She removed her mouth, sat back on her heels, and smiled up at him, stroking him gently with her fingernails.

“So I’m not doing anything wrong here?”

“No, no, god no. In fact… why have you stopped?”

“So i can talk to you. Communication is good. And i love how you feel in my hand. So… what, this is an unusual situation?”

“Very unusual. I feel closer and closer to coming, and you can bet I’m going to fill your throat with come. But when your mouth is off me, i… relax.”

“So I noticed. It is unusual. Very unusual.”



A beat of silence passed, while they looked up at each other, until he gently guided her head down back to what she’d been doing. She grinned, with her mouth full of his cock, and chuckled softly.

“So glad i can keep you amused while you suck me off — oh holy mother of god YESYESYES…

More silence, and again she looked up at him. He looked back at her, eyes wide and dismayed at yet another pause in the proceedings, particularly since she’d stopped doing that fabulous thing on that really sensitive spot on his glans. No comment, just a mournful look and a tiny disappointed mewl.

“That’ll teach you to be sarcastic when I’m working on getting you off.”

He laughed, and so did she. She resisted his hand at first, but then allowed it to guide her back to her task.

His state of relaxation revealed nothing about his state of arousal, which was an unusual situation for her; accustomed as she was to gauging time-to-orgasm by the state of the cock in question. It was only when he stopped articulating words and began moaning audibly that she could accurately assess how close he was; the tightening of his hand in her hair confirming this.

“Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. OHHHHHHHHHHH.”

She swallowed, and felt him soften again, this time inside her mouth. She looked up to see him offering her a glass of red wine, with a beatific and contented smile on his face.

“That was wonderful… you are as good as you boasted…. Now, have this, baby. Sit down. Relax.”

So it began. And so it continued.

I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

“Get naked, and get your ass over here pronto. And for the love of god, where do you keep the fucking condoms?”

Greg sat down heavily on the bed, as Joshua disengaged from my copping wet cunt and slid under the covers, where i joined him. He put his arm around my waist and we leaned against each other as Greg surveyed us with a twinkle in his eye. I stroked his arm.

“You’re somewhat overdressed for the occasion. Don’t you think?”

“I’ll fix the state of my dress right now. And the condoms are in the top drawer of the side table — that’s where i always keep them. I thought you’d remember.”

He removed his shirt, and I ran an appreciative hand over his chest. Joshua began to slowly tickle my back, and I turned to kiss him. Greg stood, and removed his shoes, socks and pants — and stood before me, with his cock at my mouth level.

“Suck it. Take me in your mouth.”

I got onto all fours, and did as i was bid. I felt Joshua rise onto his knees behind me, and begin to finger the cunt he’d just finished licking.

It was almost too much of a distraction — but not quite. I lapped at Greg’s cock, as i know he loves, teasing his shaft with my teeth, biting him gently every so often. I leaned heavily on one elbow, so that i could free up a hand to stroke his balls and perineum… not forgetting his ass. Upon hearing his moan of delight, i smiled, my lips curving up around his cock.

He ran his hand through my hair, playfully tugging it a little, and began to thrust his hips into my face. My neck started to feel uncomfortable, so i withdrew my mouth from his cock (with an audible sigh of regret from him) and motioned that he should lie down.

Bending over him on all fours, i could feel Joshua’s fingers urging me to turn my attention to him. I sat up, and Greg looked me in the eye. He has this uncanny ability to to read my thoughts. With the merest hint of a nod, he moved himself off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I turned to Joshua who immediately kissed me, and pulled me down on top of him, as he lay there, supine. Breaking from the kiss, i moved myself down his body, pausing briefly to tease his nipples with my tongue and teeth. He sighed happily.

“God… yessss.”

I continued my journey south, and positioned myself over his cock. Ass up and head down, i began to tease the sensitive top of his head, first with only my lips, then the soft, inquisitive tip of my tongue. Tasting him, feeling his heat, licking the deliciously sweet drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Increasing my attention to his cock, i took his whole head in my mouth, and sucked on it gently, as his sighs and moans increased. I ventured further, slowly covering his cock with my mouth and throat, and his enthusiastic moans increased in volume and intensity.

Behind me i was dimly aware of movement, and the sound of a screw cap turning.

“Dear god,” i thought. “Not that? Not now? Fuck.”

A moment or so later my fears were proved right. Greg’s hard and erect cock began nudging at my posterior, and i mumbled my dissent.

I mean, not that I’m averse to a decent ass-fucking, you understand. But in this particular situation, where i was intent on blowing Joshua to kingdom come, so to speak, i needed a modicum more of concentrating effort than usual. I reckoned i could cope with a doggie-style fuck — i do love that, after all, and I had enough upper body strength to hold myself strong as the blow job i was giving continued. (I often don’t use said strength while being fucked from behind, because i enjoy flattening my head, shoulders and upper torso against the mattress, in order to be able to push back hard enough for the game to be fun for all to play.)

Anal sex was not on the agenda for me that night. It requires forethought, preparation and a certain mindset. Greg had fucked my ass once before, and I’d loved it at the time, but as I recalled now, that occasion was also ambiguous in its timing.

Tonight, it wasn’t going to fly. He began to push his cock into my ass, and it hurt like the devil. While he’d liberally lubed himself, he’d forgotten to lube me. The sad strains of “One Tree Hill” were interrupted by a escalating “Ow, ow! OW!” that I couldn’t help crying out.

“No… no, no. Not tonight. No. Please. It fucking hurts, and it’s too uncomfortable!” I said, having removed my mouth from Joshua’s cock. I heard an acquiescent soft growl of assent from Greg, before he slid easily into my cunt, and began to fuck me hard.

I worried about the feel of my back teeth on Joshua’s cock as i found myself pushed forward each time Greg thrust into me. Joshua made no comment nor gave no indication that anything was bothering hm, and i continued to suck on him, and palpate his shaft with my tongue and mouth as i let myself be royally fucked.

Oddly, since he usually has more stamina than me, Greg took a lot less time than usual to reach his peak. As he thrust, his arm encircled my torso, and held fast to my breast, squeezing the nipple. I cried out as i involuntarily came, simultaneously releasing Joshua’s cock from my mouth and lifting my head high to feel the waves of a crashing orgasm ripple through me. I felt Greg stiffen and heard him sigh his own apex into my ear and for a moment we remained motionless, as we subsided.

I turned back to Joshua, intent on continuing my task, but he stopped me on my way back down.

“Maybe you’d like to ride me, if i put a condom on?”

“Maybe,” I smiled at him, and sat back as he tore open the little square package he’d retrieved from the bedside drawer. (Such an obvious place, and we’d never even looked!) I watched him expertly roll the latex over the engorged head and slippery shaft that had until recently been the playthings of my tongue.

Holding my hips, as i sat astride him, he guided me into him and i began to ride him… slowly at first, but with rapidly increasing vigor and passion. Feeling oddly mellow as i did this, I looked to my left, and saw Greg lying back, spent and smiling. Returning my gaze to Joshua, he also smiled, and I bent forward to kiss him as we fucked.

He ran his hands over my hips and tummy appreciatively, and then jerked upwards and groaned loudly.

“Yes… ugh… yes!! Oh!”

“You came then?” I asked him, as i continued to sit astride him and regard him with a smile.

“Oh yes. Good god yes. Whew.”

I slid off him and cuddled up to Greg, who remained motionless other than a brief stroke of my shoulder. Joshua returned from the bathroom where he’d disposed of his used condom, and snuggled up behind me, spooning his body into mine, and holding me close to him. I could feel his heartbeat begin to decelerate and his jagged breathing slowly return to normal, or closer to it.

I stroked his leg with the tip of my toe as my fingers traced concentric circles across Greg’s chest. I felt warm, secure, adored and happy, and it was a three-way mutual situation. We gradually shifted into each other until we were a warm and shapeless tangle of arms and legs and heads.

It was everything I could ever have wished for.

I could hear Bono’s voice intoning “Bullet the Blue Sky”, and I knew that I’d never forget this feeling. And now I’ve recorded it for posterity, neither will you.

And so it began.

We gravitated toward the sofa as naturally as if we’d known each other years, not merely a few short hours. I initially sat in my customary pose — curled up at the opposite end of the couch, with my feet close enough to his thigh that they could wriggle under for warmth. Obviously Joshua was a little more time-oriented than myself, as he made a point of wasting none.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable like that?” he asked. I could practically hear his sub-textual cry of “Get that sexy bod over here and wind it around me…” over the strains of Bono’s lament “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.

From the way his eyes met mine as he moved towards me to kiss me, i could tell that he, for now at least, certainly had. Such a sweet kiss. A little stiff at first, but since I knew that I was his first sexual experience that involved an actual real, live, passionate woman in a hellishly long time, I presumed that this was something to be expected. He quickly thawed out though, as he got into his stride, and pretty soon was expertly removing my outer and underwear until i lay naked in his arms. On Greg’s sofa.

All this while kissing me. Now that’s talented.

I broke from the kiss and whispered into his neck.

“Do you think that perhaps we’d be more comfortable in the bedroom?”

He stood up, took me by the hand and pulled me to my feet.

“This way,” he said.

“I know,” I murmured. (Greg had recently moved into a new place, and it was the first time Joshua had been to visit.)

He laughed, as we walked into Greg’s bedroom, and he once again took me in his arms.

“Yes, I suppose you probably do. I haven’t seen Greg in months — that’s what our friendship is like. We don’t see each other for ages, and then we meet up again and it’s as if we only spoke the previous day. It’s great. He’s a great guy.”

“He is,” I agreed. “And that’s a real friendship — what you described. But not to change the subject or anything… why is it that am I standing here completely naked and yet you are still clothed?”

Joshua blushed, and quickly shed his jeans and t-shirt. At least, I presume he blushed. It was dark in the room, and i didn’t know where the switch for the bedside lights were. The overhead was a strong, fluorescent bulb, and while i have absolutely no issue fucking when it’s light, i do object to being blinded by something that might well kill the mood, as an additional side-effect to temporarily blinding me.

I looked at him, and i confess, I believe I even leered a little. (Thank heavens for said darkness.)

“Mmmm. Nice shoulders, baby.”

“C’mere, you,” he said thickly and grabbed me again, pushing me unsubtly backwards onto the bed. We lay for a couple of minutes, continuing the kiss, as his hands began to roam across my body. It was almost as though he was rediscovering the female form — which I suppose, in essence, was exactly what he was doing. He’d revealed to me earlier that he hadn’t had sex in six years, and my jaw had hit the floor.

The conversation flashed through my mind as his ran his hand over my soft and curvy body, in what seemed to be a mixture of hushed awe and appreciation.

“Six years? No. Fucking. Way.”


“Jesus, man, how did you cope? I mean, before i rediscovered myself and my sex drive, I also went years in-between having sex. But at risk of angering the gender stereotype police, isn’t it more of an issue for guys? I mean, my sex drive died eventually, as a result of my husband’s sex drive not being up to much, but he was clinically depressed. He had a reason.”

“Well, my wife wasn’t clinically depressed… she just wasn’t into sex a great deal. And you’re right, it was more of an “issue”, as you put it. I did masturbate a lot. A LOT. And i distracted myself. Avoided the issue like crazy. I took up a ton of hobbies and I read like mad. I learned a fucking fortune of stuff, I tell you.”

He reverently kissed my breast and sighed happily, bringing my focus back to the here and now.

“Goddamn, Juno, you have the most glorious body. It’s just so much fun to hold and to touch. I love it.”

He continued to kiss my breasts and fondle them.

“Pinch it, baby” I breathed as his hand stroked back and forth over my upstanding nipple. He obliged, and chuckled as i moaned incoherently.

“I’ve never been with a woman who likes a bit of rough before. I’m not really used to it.”

Gently, I bit his earlobe, as his hands wandered lower to where i was primed, slick and ready for them.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “Greg knows all about it. We can leave that to him, if you like. If he ever gets back here.”

“I wish he would come back,” Joshua murmured into the valley between my breasts. “I have no idea where he keeps his fucking condoms.”

He began to move backwards on the bed as his mouth descended down my body. Idly I wondered if i could send a telepathic SMS to Greg.

“Come back home. Now! And bring condoms!!”

Then Joshua’s mouth found my engorged and already sopping labia, and I ceased to think rationally.

“I guess he’ll be back soon,” was the last thought that floated through my mind before my head lay back and I abandoned myself to the sensations being elicited from my cunt by Joshua’s tongue. It seemed to continue for weeks, and I lay there absolutely entranced.

At one point, i did have the presence of mind to ask if he was OK. To which he raised his head, murmuring an enthusiastic “Yes… god yes, oh my god…” before lowering it again and continuing with his task.

Then i heard the key turn in the latch and the front door opened. And moments later, there stood Greg in the doorway, grinning like a very tipsy loon, and smelling of beer and Cuban cigars. (Fabulous and enormously sexy, in other words.)

“Well, well,” he said. “What have we here?”

I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

“Get naked, and get your ass over here pronto. And for the love of god, where do you keep the fucking condoms?”

To be continued. Yes, there’s more. Threesome, remember?

Updated: Continued here.

Part Two of Joshua Three is in the works. Contain your perverted souls in patience. In the meantime, here is an interim post to keep you ticking over. (And you know who you are.)


It’s not often i get the chance to examine my ceiling. It’s not really a task that I feel needs doing all that much.

My ceiling is white, a couple of random cracks here and there from where the neighbors on the floor above have stomped the night away for one reason or another (I hope they had fun while they did), and a few cobwebs that i chase away only to have return in exactly the same place.

Apparently, i house spiders who are creatures of habit.

This morning I found myself with my eyes cast ceiling-wards, but i will freely admit to you — it wasn’t for want of something better to do. It was because the man whose face was buried between my legs had captured my attention so thoroughly that all i could do was throw my head back in all-consuming ecstasy as i moaned aloud.

I have to confess to an alarmingly small number of times in my life when I’ve actually come fully from oral stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to lie there and be licked and fondled for hours, even without achieving orgasm. Not all men are capable of distinguishing that the fact that every woman is different in the way they look, act, speak, think and behave might also indicate that there is no ideal route to orgasmsville using a tongue through a pussy.

Sometimes i get close, but then the focus changes and i miss it. Sometimes it’s a mini-orgasm. Sometimes it’s just a puss-valet service.

Today was the full-blown, thrashing around on my back, sighing, moaning and finally screaming my climax as I grabbed handfuls of his hair, and the flesh on his beautifully sculpted shoulder while he sucked on my clit, as he finger-fucked my cunt and my ass simultaneously.

In other words, a doozie. And several hours later, I’m still smiling. And exhaling. And calming down.

Naturally, he also got a chance to examine my ceiling. For some reason, he presented himself to my willing lips and tongue in a less-than-aroused state. I wondered how much work I’d have cut out for me. Not that I’m afraid of a challenge or anything, but it’s always interesting to make a mental bet with myself as to how quickly i’ll be able to gauge the level of enjoyment of the person attached to a was-flaccid-but-now-expanding cock according to the noises he makes — as measured on the equivalent Richter scale of Boredom-to-Orgasm.

It never takes too long, unless it’s late in the evening after a fuck and too much beer.

This guy did not disappoint. His first audible sigh was exhaled as i smoothed lube onto my palm and applied it to his ass. His second could be heard as my inquisitive finger slid inside his anus, and crooked forward to tease his prostate. Actually, it was less of a sigh, and more of a joyous moan. The sighs and moans increased and intensified as i lapped at his cock, tickling and stimulating the rim and the shaft with my teeth and tongue. I loved how it grew harder in my mouth with each stroke of my finger inside him, and how he soon filled my mouth and throat, causing me to gag slightly until i remembered about breathing through my nose and was able to continue. (Why do I always forget that? Why?)

“Jesus, you’re as good at that as you said you were, Juno!” he gasped.

“Fank moof,” I mumbled, through a mouthful of cock.

“I’m don’t know how long i can hold out,” he warned me. “Do you want to fuck? As in, actual intercourse?”

I withdrew my mouth from his, although my hands stayed where they were, intent on continuing their respective tasks.

“I guess so” I said, pondering on how this was undoubtedly the first time I’d been asked this question when naked — prior to this, said inquiry had been made before the panties hit the deck.

“Oh no, forget it.. I can’t.. oh, god… yes! Here it comes..!

Quick as a flash I returned my mouth to its mission, in time to catch a long and creamy mouthful. I continued to lap at him, cleaning him, teasing his by-now overly sensitive glans very very gently, as he stretched and purred with appreciation.

“Oh well,” he said, as we lay side-by-side, catching our breath.

“Oh well,” I echoed.

“I guess this means we’ll have to meet again, then.’

“Guess so.”

He kissed me and we both grinned as our tongues danced. A guarantee of a repeat performance was definitely something to smile about. Even if there were cracks in the ceiling.