Fleshbotted again.

She felt him slide in and out of her, as he lay on top of her, holding him close to her.

“You like that?” he whispered lasciviously into her ear. “My cock is all the way inside your ass. Do you like it like that?”

She shivered with joy, and murmured a tiny “Yes…” into the pillow.

He hugged her tighter, and continued to slowly pump himself into her.

“That’s so good to hear, baby. You’re such a good girl.”


This entire anal sex episode had started some months earlier, on a theoretical level. The subject had come up in conversation, and nervously she had mentioned how she was scared of trying it again.

“I tried it once,” she typed him on an Instant Message application. “It hurt so badly, and only after a long time did it start feeling good. I tried once or twice since, but I couldn’t make it past the pain.”

There was dead air for an ominous and elongated minute and then she saw that he was typing a reply.

“Firstly,” he wrote, “you needn’t worry. The key is to relax. And you are under no obligation to do anything — if you’re not happy, it just won’t happen. You have to trust me – which I know you do. But i will not — would not — ever force you to endure anything that you have no desire to do. Know that, and relax.”

Reading those words did relax her. Immediately.

“Thank you,” she typed in, gratefully.

He continued.

“It is all about technique. And arousal. And trust. Don’t worry, baby, it will be fine.”

And then he had to go. Much relieved, and feeling unburdened, she breathed easily, and ceased worrying.


As they’d entered the room it had been how it always was with them. Drawn together as if magnetic, she’d reveled in his touch, so strong and sensual and familiar. The expression “melting into his arms” wafted through her head, and she dismissed it as too trite, but it still resonated. It was, after all, exactly how she felt.

The urge to control manifested itself almost immediately. As they kissed, he tugged at her hair and she weakened.

“Get naked, baby. Now. And hop onto the bed.”

She did as she was told.

“Good girl. Lie next to me.”

Again, she did as she was bid. She truly trusted him, which was why she’d allowed him to take control ever since their first meeting. He embraced her, and then shifted himself so that he was lying on top of her, as she lay on her stomach. His arms encircled her and she could feel their strength. He whispered to her, and she could feel his lips move against her ear, which excited her all the more.

“I’m going to fuck you so good. So. Damn. Good. Such a good girl you are, baby. And so wet and ready for me. ”

He slid himself inside her cunt from behind, and held himself there, impassive. She pushed herself back onto him, and he started to pump into her, slowly. Deliberately.

“That’s it, baby. Give me that pussy.”

The fingers of his left hand found their way into her mouth where she sucked, teased and licked them lovingly. Her hips were angled upwards, giving his right hand access to the entrance to her cunt, where his fingers stroked her slowly, bringing her to a thundering clitoral climax.

As she shuddered beneath him, she felt his right hand move from her cunt to the side of her body. Moments later, she felt a dribble of deliciously cold lube trickle between her cheeks, and his hand begin to play around her tight little anus. A finger slid in, and she gasped. Was she ready? She wasn’t sure.

“Relax, baby. I want you to relax your muscles. All of them. Will you do that for me?”

“I’ll try,” she mumbled into the pillow.

“What was that?”

He pulled her head up by the hair, to improve the acoustics. She repeated herself, only more coherently.

“Good girl. My good girl.”

She felt one finger slide inside her, and then two. His thumb massaged the anus, and she succumbed to the sensation.

Suddenly, sharp pain, and she yelped.

“Ow, fuck!”

“You’re not relaxed enough, baby,” the sensuous voice murmured. “Trust me. Yes?”

She nodded, and made a conscious effort to do just that. The massaging resumed, which felt great. Then she felt him slide into her, and absolutely no pain at all… only the mild discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with that great feeling of having one’s ass ploughed.

It was fabulous. His voice in her ear once more, delighting her.

“You like that? My cock is all the way inside your ass. Do you like it like that?”

Oh god, did she ever.

So it began. And so it continued.

I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

“Get naked, and get your ass over here pronto. And for the love of god, where do you keep the fucking condoms?”

Greg sat down heavily on the bed, as Joshua disengaged from my copping wet cunt and slid under the covers, where i joined him. He put his arm around my waist and we leaned against each other as Greg surveyed us with a twinkle in his eye. I stroked his arm.

“You’re somewhat overdressed for the occasion. Don’t you think?”

“I’ll fix the state of my dress right now. And the condoms are in the top drawer of the side table — that’s where i always keep them. I thought you’d remember.”

He removed his shirt, and I ran an appreciative hand over his chest. Joshua began to slowly tickle my back, and I turned to kiss him. Greg stood, and removed his shoes, socks and pants — and stood before me, with his cock at my mouth level.

“Suck it. Take me in your mouth.”

I got onto all fours, and did as i was bid. I felt Joshua rise onto his knees behind me, and begin to finger the cunt he’d just finished licking.

It was almost too much of a distraction — but not quite. I lapped at Greg’s cock, as i know he loves, teasing his shaft with my teeth, biting him gently every so often. I leaned heavily on one elbow, so that i could free up a hand to stroke his balls and perineum… not forgetting his ass. Upon hearing his moan of delight, i smiled, my lips curving up around his cock.

He ran his hand through my hair, playfully tugging it a little, and began to thrust his hips into my face. My neck started to feel uncomfortable, so i withdrew my mouth from his cock (with an audible sigh of regret from him) and motioned that he should lie down.

Bending over him on all fours, i could feel Joshua’s fingers urging me to turn my attention to him. I sat up, and Greg looked me in the eye. He has this uncanny ability to to read my thoughts. With the merest hint of a nod, he moved himself off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I turned to Joshua who immediately kissed me, and pulled me down on top of him, as he lay there, supine. Breaking from the kiss, i moved myself down his body, pausing briefly to tease his nipples with my tongue and teeth. He sighed happily.

“God… yessss.”

I continued my journey south, and positioned myself over his cock. Ass up and head down, i began to tease the sensitive top of his head, first with only my lips, then the soft, inquisitive tip of my tongue. Tasting him, feeling his heat, licking the deliciously sweet drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Increasing my attention to his cock, i took his whole head in my mouth, and sucked on it gently, as his sighs and moans increased. I ventured further, slowly covering his cock with my mouth and throat, and his enthusiastic moans increased in volume and intensity.

Behind me i was dimly aware of movement, and the sound of a screw cap turning.

“Dear god,” i thought. “Not that? Not now? Fuck.”

A moment or so later my fears were proved right. Greg’s hard and erect cock began nudging at my posterior, and i mumbled my dissent.

I mean, not that I’m averse to a decent ass-fucking, you understand. But in this particular situation, where i was intent on blowing Joshua to kingdom come, so to speak, i needed a modicum more of concentrating effort than usual. I reckoned i could cope with a doggie-style fuck — i do love that, after all, and I had enough upper body strength to hold myself strong as the blow job i was giving continued. (I often don’t use said strength while being fucked from behind, because i enjoy flattening my head, shoulders and upper torso against the mattress, in order to be able to push back hard enough for the game to be fun for all to play.)

Anal sex was not on the agenda for me that night. It requires forethought, preparation and a certain mindset. Greg had fucked my ass once before, and I’d loved it at the time, but as I recalled now, that occasion was also ambiguous in its timing.

Tonight, it wasn’t going to fly. He began to push his cock into my ass, and it hurt like the devil. While he’d liberally lubed himself, he’d forgotten to lube me. The sad strains of “One Tree Hill” were interrupted by a escalating “Ow, ow! OW!” that I couldn’t help crying out.

“No… no, no. Not tonight. No. Please. It fucking hurts, and it’s too uncomfortable!” I said, having removed my mouth from Joshua’s cock. I heard an acquiescent soft growl of assent from Greg, before he slid easily into my cunt, and began to fuck me hard.

I worried about the feel of my back teeth on Joshua’s cock as i found myself pushed forward each time Greg thrust into me. Joshua made no comment nor gave no indication that anything was bothering hm, and i continued to suck on him, and palpate his shaft with my tongue and mouth as i let myself be royally fucked.

Oddly, since he usually has more stamina than me, Greg took a lot less time than usual to reach his peak. As he thrust, his arm encircled my torso, and held fast to my breast, squeezing the nipple. I cried out as i involuntarily came, simultaneously releasing Joshua’s cock from my mouth and lifting my head high to feel the waves of a crashing orgasm ripple through me. I felt Greg stiffen and heard him sigh his own apex into my ear and for a moment we remained motionless, as we subsided.

I turned back to Joshua, intent on continuing my task, but he stopped me on my way back down.

“Maybe you’d like to ride me, if i put a condom on?”

“Maybe,” I smiled at him, and sat back as he tore open the little square package he’d retrieved from the bedside drawer. (Such an obvious place, and we’d never even looked!) I watched him expertly roll the latex over the engorged head and slippery shaft that had until recently been the playthings of my tongue.

Holding my hips, as i sat astride him, he guided me into him and i began to ride him… slowly at first, but with rapidly increasing vigor and passion. Feeling oddly mellow as i did this, I looked to my left, and saw Greg lying back, spent and smiling. Returning my gaze to Joshua, he also smiled, and I bent forward to kiss him as we fucked.

He ran his hands over my hips and tummy appreciatively, and then jerked upwards and groaned loudly.

“Yes… ugh… yes!! Oh!”

“You came then?” I asked him, as i continued to sit astride him and regard him with a smile.

“Oh yes. Good god yes. Whew.”

I slid off him and cuddled up to Greg, who remained motionless other than a brief stroke of my shoulder. Joshua returned from the bathroom where he’d disposed of his used condom, and snuggled up behind me, spooning his body into mine, and holding me close to him. I could feel his heartbeat begin to decelerate and his jagged breathing slowly return to normal, or closer to it.

I stroked his leg with the tip of my toe as my fingers traced concentric circles across Greg’s chest. I felt warm, secure, adored and happy, and it was a three-way mutual situation. We gradually shifted into each other until we were a warm and shapeless tangle of arms and legs and heads.

It was everything I could ever have wished for.

I could hear Bono’s voice intoning “Bullet the Blue Sky”, and I knew that I’d never forget this feeling. And now I’ve recorded it for posterity, neither will you.

Previously on The Erotic Journal of Juno Henry:
Frissons of excitement ran across my skin, as I felt his hand move across and down my body languorously, until he reached my breast and gave it a playful slap. I gasped in surprise as much as anything, and hummed happily.

My adventure was just beginning.

I must state something about the way we were looking at each other. The attraction was so intense, so very strong, that each time our eyes met I felt as though their imprint was burned right into the back of my skull.

“I’m not sure what to do… or not to do,” I whispered.

“You’ll do what I tell you to do,” he replied. “I’m not going to bark orders at you like a drill sergeant, I’m just going to show you and tell you what to do, and you’ll do it. And you’ll love the outcome, you must trust me with that. OK?”

I nodded wordlessly, my eyes never leaving his. The beauty of it was how it felt so natural. There was no sense of chastisement, no feeling of being looked down upon or ridiculed. I had absolutely no sense of dis-empowerment, which I think is the key. As a dear friend had once said to me about a good Dom/sub connection, it’s a two-way street. Essentially, the sub is the one calling the shots, because she can have absolute trust and faith in her Dom, and this in turn means that any eventual outcome will be mutually beneficial.

He positioned me as he wanted me — my arms above my head, secured by one of his big, strong hands. (Mmmm. Tennis players. Mmmm.) He lifted one of my legs, and placed it up high, with my foot on his shoulder. He then positioned himself above me, his cock poised at the entrance to my cunt, which was extremely wet and slippery by this stage.

“Stay still,” he said. I nodded.

Our eyes still locked, he slid inside me slowly. This not being the the first time we’d fucked, it wasn’t a new sensation to feel his cock enveloped by my taut vaginal muscles, but it felt as good as it ever had, if not better. Once all the way inside, he remained motionless for what seemed like an hour, but couldn’t have been more than a minute. I said nothing, and gave no indication of the desperate yearning I felt to feel him thrust in and out of me. I just lay there, supine, my eyes burning back into his. I knew I was being tested, and I was determined to succeed with flying colors.

Eventually he began to pump in and out of me, and involuntarily I let out a grunt of satisfaction. He smiled at me, as he moved within me, and then slapped my left buttock, as he increased the intensity of his thrusting.

Damn, but it felt so good.

He lowered his face to mine.

“Kiss me.”

I obliged. That man could kiss. Goddamn! Apparently, he thought the same of me. He moaned softly, and gently bit my lip.

“Oh my god, I love the way you kiss. Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

I giggled, despite myself. “Kissing school, of course. Where else?”


I must just take a moment from the narrative here to describe the sensation of kissing him. I’ve kissed a good few men in my time, and have been praised for my own kissing technique. As a virginal (by choice) 19 year old, while fooling around with a casual (non-virginal) 25 year old fling, I was surprised and delighted to hear him say to me, “Are you sure you’re a virgin? You do not kiss like one.”

There are so many ways to kiss or be kissed. There are the unfortunate — the slobber, the TMT (too many teeth) syndrome, the all-too delicate and feather-like kiss that borders on the barely noticeable. Then there are my more favoured techniques for being a kiss recipient. The ultra-sensual types of kisses, where a person feels firm and real, and the kiss emanates from every pore of their body. Lips that are flexible, that nip, and touch and caress in tandem with my own. A mouth that meets mine proudly and squarely; no hesitancy, no ambiguity, but with confidence and certainty.

He was all of the above, and more. The first time we kissed, my thoughts were scrambled like so many eggs, and I was literally speechless for a good few minutes afterwards, as I desperately tried to regain my composure. And failed.


As he fucked me so deliberately and slowly, I grew slightly in confidence.

“May i ask you something?” I inquired.

“Yes, Juno, of course. (Damn, but i love fucking you.” he hissed. “Your pussy is so warm and tight around my cock… god, it’s incredible.) Ask whatever you like.”

“Can i sit astride you? Is it OK if i ask that? I mean, you’d want me to ask for that and only act on it when given permission, right? Am i getting this sub thing right?”

He increased the pressure and pace of his now far-less-leisurely fucking motion.

“Of course you must ask. You’re learning fast, and you’re doing very well, baby. And yes, you can get on top of me… but not yet.”

He suddenly withdrew, and shifted himself so that he was in front of me, with his hands under my knees, lifting them.

“Right now, I’m going to taste your pussy. You must lie very still. I mean it. Don’t move.”

He bent his head until his lips were touching my labia, but so softly that i felt my ass clench in anticipation.

“No moving, Juno. Stay absolutely still.”

I did as I was bid. His tongue tickled my clit bringing me to near-orgasmic status, and then tantalizingly leaving me hanging. I groaned.

“Please make me come.”

“All in good time, Juno. Patience.” And with that, he removed his mouth from my clit, and shifted onto the bed in front of me.

I wasn’t sure whether i should ask from my position as submissive — but curiosity got the better of me, and I’d already warned Iain that i wasn’t very good at being submissive — so i cautiously asked him what he was doing.

He smiled. “Just watching you. I love looking at you. You’re so sexy.”

He moved forward until his knees were straddling my chest, and gently slapped my face with his cock. I looked at him, and he nodded at me almost imperceptibly. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock into my throat, and began fucking my face.

It wasn’t the first time that thoughts had passed between us in such a psychic manner — another fact that had me reeling. I think this was partly why i trusted him, because i knew where his head was, and that he meant every word he said sincerely and from the heart.

He deep throated me with his cock and i lapped eagerly at him, gagging slightly but remembering to breathe through my nose, and relax my throat as much as i could.

“Good girl,” he praised me. “Take it in as far as you can.”

I obliged. Cocksucking is a matter of pride to me. I always do my best, because i love to give pleasure that way. However, I’d never been in this physical position before, but I was adjusting. Kinda.

He fucked my face for a few more minutes, and then shifted once again, so that he was lying on top of me, our faces very close together.

“Kiss me,” he said. Once again, i obliged. Once again, I swooned. He slid his cock into me, as though it was the most natural thing in the world and together our mutual fucking rhythm began again, except this time it was hot and fast and furious. We were both near our peaks and needed to get there soon.

His eyes never broke from mine, as, intent on our mutual goal, we moved together, like a well-rehearsed piece of modern choreography. I could feel the mantle of orgasm begin to cloak me as he slapped my thigh — once! twice! — and then my ass — yes! hit me! yes! — and i heard myself cry out in joy as i saw his face contort and my own peak came closer as he bucked and he shuddered, and he came and I came, and i called out his name and he called out mine, as he held me tightly to him and i could smell his very wonderful earthy manly smell as i shook and convulsed and gradually subsided and he did the same and i felt his cock pulsate within me and i laughed and he laughed and we lay there together laughing quietly until we were both contented and silent and spent.

I still see Iain, from time to time. You can understand why.

Fleshbotted, here.


Exclusivity is simply not my thing. Never has been, really. Experience is everything, feelings are secondary. That is, until the feelings become primary. Not to mention, primal. Yeah baby. I want to feel, i want to know, i want to experience everything. While obviously ensuring my own safety, I’m open to pretty much any kind of sexual experience that i can think of — the caveat being that they have to turn me on.

Well honestly, what is the point otherwise?

The sort of screaming, pumping, amazing wild-monkey sex that so many people write of had always been a closed book to me. The planets didn’t align properly for me to even begin to understand the endless possibilities of sex until i hit my prime, which unlike Miss Jean Brodie, was 35, with no discernible affection for Fascism.

But once i got it… whoo-hoo mama. There began the eternal quest for adventures, encounters and experiences. You have read of many of my adventures here in these pages — and it is my fervent wish that you will continue to do so. Reports are subjective, as far as the way in which my memory works. And nothing is ever chronological. It’s all a case of what tickles my memory with its sensuously long fingers in a particular week.

And this week it’s the turn of screaming, pumping, amazing wild-monkey sex. To quote Mia Wallace, as she wipes her nose of telltale snowy residue prior to returning to her table, “Goddamn, i said goddamn!”


You have heard me speak of my wish to begin experimenting in restraint and BDSM. Control is always the issue for me. I often feel as though my real life — and yes, i do have one — is spinning out of control on a regular basis. It’s therefore time to put down the laptop (for this, read prise it out of my hands) and exert some of my well-worn and born of long experience control mechanisms and functions, and calmly bring the situation back to Normal status.

Therefore, when the issue of control enters the sexual arena in which i voluntarily place myself, it’s hard for me to let go. Hard, but not impossible. If the right person is there, whom I can fully trust.

That was Iain.

Iain and I were separated in age by only a few months,, and in height by just the requisite number of inches to make me feel petite and protected when he held me close to him. We met at a conference that i was attending as a correspondent for my employers, and he was a key note speaker.

We quickly established the kind of bond that proves that not only do pheromones exist, but that they have a wild side. Instant attraction on the eye, compounded by a sudden realization that we had felt very similarly when I’d conducted a phone interview with him a while previously, but due to pressures of professionalism were unable to act on anything.

This, however, was different. We met in the refectory of the college where the conference was being held, over a casual and excellently strong coffee. Through no more mundane a coincidence than table-sharing, we quickly established who we were, who the other was, and what time we’d both be free to meet later.

I don’t waste time when i don’t have to. Impatience is one of my worst flaws.

We had a connection from the get-go. That was very clear. We both thought of similar things at the same time, and tended to have the experience of one person sharing while the other gasped and said “I was just about to say that!”. The initial rapport and attraction grew rapidly, enabling us to shed both our inhibitions and our clothing with great speed. And the fucking was something brand new to me. Not only was it of the screaming, pumping, amazing wild-monkey variety, but the almost other-worldly compatibility had me more breathless than i already was after fucking solidly for two hours.

As we lay, limbs entwined and tangled, realizing that we couldn’t stop touching each other even for a second, the conversation returned to one we’d started earlier… about control and submission. I felt so secure, and at ease, that I told him what i was feeling at that moment; although hearing it loud came as nearly as much of a shock to me as it did to him.

“I’d love it if you took control. I trust you.”

A moment of stunned silence passed before he recovered himself, and smiled into my eyes, before kissing me deeply.

“You won’t regret it. I won’t do anything to you beyond what you can take. And I’ll listen to you, I promise. If you want me to stop at any time, you can say so — just be sure that you mean it.”

Frissons of excitement ran across my skin, as I felt his hand move across and down my body languorously, until he reached my breast and gave it a playful slap. I gasped in surprise as much as anything, and hummed happily.

My adventure was just beginning.

To be continued.

I turned my head, so that my lips rested on the patch of skin just below his collar bone, and snuggled further into his body. He fractionally increased the pressure of his arms around my body, and i murmured softly into his chest. “Can i ask you a question?”

“Shoot,” he said into my hair.

“Now that we’ve fucked, will you lose interest in me? I mean, you know, no more “thrill of the chase” and all that?”

I heard his deep rumbling laugh, as he pulled away from me to look into my eyes.

“What bullshit are you talking, Juno? God, sometimes you do say such silly things. We should experiment with some BDSM so i can tie you up and flog you each time you say something stupid like that.”

“Only if i can return the favor,” I replied seriously, looking him square in the eye.

Shivers of delicious anticipation ran up and down my spine.

It was at this point that we both realized that this was definitely an avenue that required further exploration. So far, mild spanking had worked its way into our copulative efforts with great fervor and enjoyment by all, but that was as far as BDSM had intruded upon either of our lives so far.


Some weeks later, i was having a low moment and writing him an email about how things had been at the very beginning with my ex-husband, before i donned the good girl shackles that i am constantly attempting to throw off. I mentioned how it hadn’t always been completely awful, and how we’d been (what seemed to me, the innocent, way back then) somewhat experimental. We’d used ropes as sex toys and aids, securing them under my mattress for traction, since i had nothing on the bed-frame that could be rendered tie-able-to.

The email hit his cyber-mat and a reply was returned with astonishing speed and fervor.

It was comprised of a list of things i should do to fortify myself and cheer myself up, and continued thus:

“Get the ropes from under your mattress, and bring them with you when we next meet.”

He was the one to mention it first, when we next met.

I’d not brought the ropes, since the times when my ex-husband and I had so indulged had been more than a decade past, and therefore I no longer owned any. I’d searched around for replacements, before confiding in a friend who told me not to bother — anything that wasn’t cotton or silk rope was not worth the time or energy.

Once again, i lay with his strong body curled around mine, as we exhaled and recovered from an earth-moving joint climax. He bit my ear lobe gently, and murmured into my neck.

“You know that i sail on weekends sometimes?”

“Yes… mmm, i love this collar bone…”

“Juno, listen.”

“I’m listening… mmm….”

“What if you came with me one time, if you could arrange it?”

“Seriously? I’d love to.”

“And you know, don’t you, that on the boat we tie knots very… very… tight….”

I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with excitement. I could hear his hidden sub-text loud and clear. I knew exactly what he meant, and what he was implying.

“Only if you promise not to fly me up the flagpole naked.”

He chuckled to himself. “You never know. I might. We’ll see.”

I began to tease his erect nipple gently with my teeth, as my hand palpated his ball sac, and stroked the base of his very excited (again) cock. And that was the point in the evening where we stopped speaking for a while, having far more important things to do. To each other.


I just love the thought of new sexual adventures. I’m pretty much open to anything. Since passing the age of 35, whole new worlds of experience have opened themselves up to me, and i am fortunate enough to have dismissed my earlier good-girl mentality enough to embrace each new challenge.

The only problem, as a dear friend bluntly told me, is that I am too used to the idea of being in total control of myself.

“Let yourself go, live a little.” she chided me gently. “Losing control is fine, if you are with someone in whom you have complete faith, and whom you trust fully. Besides, it isn’t necessarily a lifestyle choice. It’s experimentation. And the feel of silk rope against bare flesh is amazing. Plus, I find that when i come while I’m restrained it’s just other-worldly hot-t-t-t.”

She is, of course, entirely correct. On all counts.

Just to be clear, here, I do not knock or deride those who make this their lifestyle, not in any way at all. Would it be a way of life that i could conceivably live with? I don’t know. From where i sit right now, I’d say no, but i am not foolish enough to rule out anything anymore. And I mean anything.

To quote the late, great Bette Davis, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”. A fun one, though, I’d lay money on that.