So it began. And so it continued.

I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

“Get naked, and get your ass over here pronto. And for the love of god, where do you keep the fucking condoms?”

Greg sat down heavily on the bed, as Joshua disengaged from my copping wet cunt and slid under the covers, where i joined him. He put his arm around my waist and we leaned against each other as Greg surveyed us with a twinkle in his eye. I stroked his arm.

“You’re somewhat overdressed for the occasion. Don’t you think?”

“I’ll fix the state of my dress right now. And the condoms are in the top drawer of the side table — that’s where i always keep them. I thought you’d remember.”

He removed his shirt, and I ran an appreciative hand over his chest. Joshua began to slowly tickle my back, and I turned to kiss him. Greg stood, and removed his shoes, socks and pants — and stood before me, with his cock at my mouth level.

“Suck it. Take me in your mouth.”

I got onto all fours, and did as i was bid. I felt Joshua rise onto his knees behind me, and begin to finger the cunt he’d just finished licking.

It was almost too much of a distraction — but not quite. I lapped at Greg’s cock, as i know he loves, teasing his shaft with my teeth, biting him gently every so often. I leaned heavily on one elbow, so that i could free up a hand to stroke his balls and perineum… not forgetting his ass. Upon hearing his moan of delight, i smiled, my lips curving up around his cock.

He ran his hand through my hair, playfully tugging it a little, and began to thrust his hips into my face. My neck started to feel uncomfortable, so i withdrew my mouth from his cock (with an audible sigh of regret from him) and motioned that he should lie down.

Bending over him on all fours, i could feel Joshua’s fingers urging me to turn my attention to him. I sat up, and Greg looked me in the eye. He has this uncanny ability to to read my thoughts. With the merest hint of a nod, he moved himself off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I turned to Joshua who immediately kissed me, and pulled me down on top of him, as he lay there, supine. Breaking from the kiss, i moved myself down his body, pausing briefly to tease his nipples with my tongue and teeth. He sighed happily.

“God… yessss.”

I continued my journey south, and positioned myself over his cock. Ass up and head down, i began to tease the sensitive top of his head, first with only my lips, then the soft, inquisitive tip of my tongue. Tasting him, feeling his heat, licking the deliciously sweet drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Increasing my attention to his cock, i took his whole head in my mouth, and sucked on it gently, as his sighs and moans increased. I ventured further, slowly covering his cock with my mouth and throat, and his enthusiastic moans increased in volume and intensity.

Behind me i was dimly aware of movement, and the sound of a screw cap turning.

“Dear god,” i thought. “Not that? Not now? Fuck.”

A moment or so later my fears were proved right. Greg’s hard and erect cock began nudging at my posterior, and i mumbled my dissent.

I mean, not that I’m averse to a decent ass-fucking, you understand. But in this particular situation, where i was intent on blowing Joshua to kingdom come, so to speak, i needed a modicum more of concentrating effort than usual. I reckoned i could cope with a doggie-style fuck — i do love that, after all, and I had enough upper body strength to hold myself strong as the blow job i was giving continued. (I often don’t use said strength while being fucked from behind, because i enjoy flattening my head, shoulders and upper torso against the mattress, in order to be able to push back hard enough for the game to be fun for all to play.)

Anal sex was not on the agenda for me that night. It requires forethought, preparation and a certain mindset. Greg had fucked my ass once before, and I’d loved it at the time, but as I recalled now, that occasion was also ambiguous in its timing.

Tonight, it wasn’t going to fly. He began to push his cock into my ass, and it hurt like the devil. While he’d liberally lubed himself, he’d forgotten to lube me. The sad strains of “One Tree Hill” were interrupted by a escalating “Ow, ow! OW!” that I couldn’t help crying out.

“No… no, no. Not tonight. No. Please. It fucking hurts, and it’s too uncomfortable!” I said, having removed my mouth from Joshua’s cock. I heard an acquiescent soft growl of assent from Greg, before he slid easily into my cunt, and began to fuck me hard.

I worried about the feel of my back teeth on Joshua’s cock as i found myself pushed forward each time Greg thrust into me. Joshua made no comment nor gave no indication that anything was bothering hm, and i continued to suck on him, and palpate his shaft with my tongue and mouth as i let myself be royally fucked.

Oddly, since he usually has more stamina than me, Greg took a lot less time than usual to reach his peak. As he thrust, his arm encircled my torso, and held fast to my breast, squeezing the nipple. I cried out as i involuntarily came, simultaneously releasing Joshua’s cock from my mouth and lifting my head high to feel the waves of a crashing orgasm ripple through me. I felt Greg stiffen and heard him sigh his own apex into my ear and for a moment we remained motionless, as we subsided.

I turned back to Joshua, intent on continuing my task, but he stopped me on my way back down.

“Maybe you’d like to ride me, if i put a condom on?”

“Maybe,” I smiled at him, and sat back as he tore open the little square package he’d retrieved from the bedside drawer. (Such an obvious place, and we’d never even looked!) I watched him expertly roll the latex over the engorged head and slippery shaft that had until recently been the playthings of my tongue.

Holding my hips, as i sat astride him, he guided me into him and i began to ride him… slowly at first, but with rapidly increasing vigor and passion. Feeling oddly mellow as i did this, I looked to my left, and saw Greg lying back, spent and smiling. Returning my gaze to Joshua, he also smiled, and I bent forward to kiss him as we fucked.

He ran his hands over my hips and tummy appreciatively, and then jerked upwards and groaned loudly.

“Yes… ugh… yes!! Oh!”

“You came then?” I asked him, as i continued to sit astride him and regard him with a smile.

“Oh yes. Good god yes. Whew.”

I slid off him and cuddled up to Greg, who remained motionless other than a brief stroke of my shoulder. Joshua returned from the bathroom where he’d disposed of his used condom, and snuggled up behind me, spooning his body into mine, and holding me close to him. I could feel his heartbeat begin to decelerate and his jagged breathing slowly return to normal, or closer to it.

I stroked his leg with the tip of my toe as my fingers traced concentric circles across Greg’s chest. I felt warm, secure, adored and happy, and it was a three-way mutual situation. We gradually shifted into each other until we were a warm and shapeless tangle of arms and legs and heads.

It was everything I could ever have wished for.

I could hear Bono’s voice intoning “Bullet the Blue Sky”, and I knew that I’d never forget this feeling. And now I’ve recorded it for posterity, neither will you.