Part Two of Joshua Three is in the works. Contain your perverted souls in patience. In the meantime, here is an interim post to keep you ticking over. (And you know who you are.)


It’s not often i get the chance to examine my ceiling. It’s not really a task that I feel needs doing all that much.

My ceiling is white, a couple of random cracks here and there from where the neighbors on the floor above have stomped the night away for one reason or another (I hope they had fun while they did), and a few cobwebs that i chase away only to have return in exactly the same place.

Apparently, i house spiders who are creatures of habit.

This morning I found myself with my eyes cast ceiling-wards, but i will freely admit to you — it wasn’t for want of something better to do. It was because the man whose face was buried between my legs had captured my attention so thoroughly that all i could do was throw my head back in all-consuming ecstasy as i moaned aloud.

I have to confess to an alarmingly small number of times in my life when I’ve actually come fully from oral stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to lie there and be licked and fondled for hours, even without achieving orgasm. Not all men are capable of distinguishing that the fact that every woman is different in the way they look, act, speak, think and behave might also indicate that there is no ideal route to orgasmsville using a tongue through a pussy.

Sometimes i get close, but then the focus changes and i miss it. Sometimes it’s a mini-orgasm. Sometimes it’s just a puss-valet service.

Today was the full-blown, thrashing around on my back, sighing, moaning and finally screaming my climax as I grabbed handfuls of his hair, and the flesh on his beautifully sculpted shoulder while he sucked on my clit, as he finger-fucked my cunt and my ass simultaneously.

In other words, a doozie. And several hours later, I’m still smiling. And exhaling. And calming down.

Naturally, he also got a chance to examine my ceiling. For some reason, he presented himself to my willing lips and tongue in a less-than-aroused state. I wondered how much work I’d have cut out for me. Not that I’m afraid of a challenge or anything, but it’s always interesting to make a mental bet with myself as to how quickly i’ll be able to gauge the level of enjoyment of the person attached to a was-flaccid-but-now-expanding cock according to the noises he makes — as measured on the equivalent Richter scale of Boredom-to-Orgasm.

It never takes too long, unless it’s late in the evening after a fuck and too much beer.

This guy did not disappoint. His first audible sigh was exhaled as i smoothed lube onto my palm and applied it to his ass. His second could be heard as my inquisitive finger slid inside his anus, and crooked forward to tease his prostate. Actually, it was less of a sigh, and more of a joyous moan. The sighs and moans increased and intensified as i lapped at his cock, tickling and stimulating the rim and the shaft with my teeth and tongue. I loved how it grew harder in my mouth with each stroke of my finger inside him, and how he soon filled my mouth and throat, causing me to gag slightly until i remembered about breathing through my nose and was able to continue. (Why do I always forget that? Why?)

“Jesus, you’re as good at that as you said you were, Juno!” he gasped.

“Fank moof,” I mumbled, through a mouthful of cock.

“I’m don’t know how long i can hold out,” he warned me. “Do you want to fuck? As in, actual intercourse?”

I withdrew my mouth from his, although my hands stayed where they were, intent on continuing their respective tasks.

“I guess so” I said, pondering on how this was undoubtedly the first time I’d been asked this question when naked — prior to this, said inquiry had been made before the panties hit the deck.

“Oh no, forget it.. I can’t.. oh, god… yes! Here it comes..!

Quick as a flash I returned my mouth to its mission, in time to catch a long and creamy mouthful. I continued to lap at him, cleaning him, teasing his by-now overly sensitive glans very very gently, as he stretched and purred with appreciation.

“Oh well,” he said, as we lay side-by-side, catching our breath.

“Oh well,” I echoed.

“I guess this means we’ll have to meet again, then.’

“Guess so.”

He kissed me and we both grinned as our tongues danced. A guarantee of a repeat performance was definitely something to smile about. Even if there were cracks in the ceiling.