Hazy light filters through an opened window, half concealed by a thickly-lined, partly-drawn curtain. Two bodies lie molded together, back-to-belly. Breathing in tandem… slow, steady, calm and peaceful.

Her arm is draped languidly over his waist, and her head is buried between his shoulder blades; face turned ceiling-wards to avoid suffocation. His fingers play lazily with hers, softly pulling them towards his face so she can feel his breath on them. He grunts involuntarily and shifts slightly so that her hand is now hanging over the soft bare skin of his stomach.

He sighs contentedly, mildly rousing her from her slumbers. Instinctively, her fingers begin to subtly trace patterns across his stomach and across the soft hair on his torso. She can feel the baby-soft skin beneath the tangle and she delights in the sensation that she causes, hearing it as he sighs almost-silently. The soft noises intensify as he shifts himself once more so that he is turned towards her and his fingertips on her body are mimicking hers on his own.

Tracing multi-dimensional shapes and patterns over warm, sleepy-soft skin, they each learn the various dips and contours of the other’s body as if anew. Her fingers restrict themselves mostly to his abdomen and chest, marveling at the breadth and strength contained therein. His sweep across a more macro plane — running over her shoulders, down her back and then up to her neck. Each time skimming the soft tender spot beneath her ear lobe, causing her to shiver afresh with delight, again and again.

They lie this way for what seems like hours, reacquainting themselves with each other physically. For now, no other contact is made although her nipples are taut and upstanding, and he can feel his arousal and his cock grow stronger by the second.

She can feel herself moistening rapidly, and decides to shift the current paradigm. Removing her hand from his torso, she reaches behind her back and grabs his. Instinctively, he uses this position to pull her closer toward him, until their faces touch and she can feel his breath on her cheek. She pulls his hand down and around and with a bold movement, sweeps it between her legs.

He moans appreciatively.

“Good god, you’re so wet.”

These are the first words that pass between them that morning, and they crystallize the mood for their time together — the time that this dawn has heralded.

Warm, tender and thoroughly depraved.

Her fingers once again itch to mimic his, and she moves her hand to his cock, eliciting deeper, more vocal sighs and moans of pleasure and appreciation. She moves her body so that he can continue his ministrations to her cunt, and pauses only to apply a dollop of lube to her fingertips. She continues her encouraging stroking of his cock, and accompanies it with a inquisitively slick finger sliding into his ass, crooking the digit once inside to reach and stimulate his prostate. She’s known he’s wanted this for a long time, and is secretly pleased because she also knows that she’s the first to do this for him. He yelps in delight.

“Oh my god! Yes, it’s so good….. oh…. yeeessss…. so so so good….mmm.”

His skilled fingers respond to this by seeking out her most vulnerable and orgiastic places, and stimulating them until she gasps from the intensity of the orgasm about to hit.

Together, they each induce an orgasm from the other. Lying there, silent but for involuntary ecstasy, they subside back into a warm embrace.

Dawn has indeed broken.

And so, the weekend begins.