March 2007

He raised an eyebrow at me over the carafe of water placed between us on the table. As I lifted a forkful of deliciously rare steak to my lips, he asked me:

“Did you enjoy yourself this afternoon? You were wet; god, so wet. Gushing. Like… wow. Unbelievable.”

The casually tossed out sentence spiraled me back in time approximately four hours. In my mind’s eye, I was detached from myself; floating above where I’d lain on the bed. Well, when I say lain, I mean positioned on all fours. Cuffed. Bound. Blindfolded.

My wrists were shackled by two sweet, minx-fur handcuffs, crossed and positioned over my head, so that i veered between balancing on my elbows and forearms, and occasionally adding my blindfolded forehead to the mix. The covering for my eyes was a rather elegant scarf made of silk jersey that I’d worn last for my sister’s wedding. I loved the irony of how elegant an item could also function so well in such depraved circumstances. My ankles were tied with rope, crossed firmly in place to ensure that my ass and cunt were on full display to him, and that he could do anything he wanted to or with me.

Ah, sweet submission.

In my cunt buzzed a rabbit vibe. The ears were hit-and-missing my clit, but to be honest, i was so overwhelmed by sensations that this was the least of my concerns. Occasionally he’d push it further inside me, from where it had involuntarily escaped due to slickness and enthusiastic vibrations.

In my ass — well, there was no stability of routine to what was going on with my ass. Between his fingers, another vibrating dildo and his cock, my ass was fair game for pretty much anything that afternoon.


He’d begun this adventure by blindfolding me as I lay supine and expectant. I was sad to no longer see the evil look in his eye as he thought of tasks and punishments to delight and arouse me, but i acquiesced, like a good sub.

I’m learning. And this learning curve is way more fun than any such curve I was on in school.

He’d tapped my face with a finger, and commanded me to suck his taut upstanding cock. I’d reached out a hand to find it, and bring my mouth closer, when i suddenly felt a massive blow to my left buttock.


“Did I tell you that you could use your hands?”

I shook my sightless head mutely.

“Understand, Juno. Only your tongue. I want you to learn the layout of my body with your tongue. If you use your hands again, your next punishment will be more extreme.”

It was a shame that he couldn’t see my eyes glitter with excitement behind the silk jersey. I think he noticed my excited shivers though, as he seemed pleased with my quietly nodded response.

I felt his cock come close to my face, grazing my cheeks and nose. I reached out my tongue, to catch it, taste it, wrap it in my soft warmth — and then felt it move away abruptly.

Thwack! Another spank, this time on my other buttock.

“Your blow jobs are terrible today, Juno. I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

In my heart of hearts I could sense him biting back ferocious giggles. I wasn’t sure I could hear any withheld laughter in his voice, but I knew he was laughing. He knew what he was doing, he knew that under no circumstances could anyone achieve anything even vaguely resembling the most rudimentary form of blow job with the time allowed for contact between cock and tongue. He also knew that I knew how much he loved the way in which I performed fellatio on him. This was his game, his way of teasing and delighting me.

“Get on all fours, ” he directed, pushing me onto my side in order to give me a fighting chance at getting into position relatively unaided.

And then began the games with my ass.

He began by starting to slide an unlubed finger into me — and immediately I forgot the game, forgot the rules, and cried out for mercy.

“Please, baby, please. Use the lube… i know I’m not supposed to speak, I know you’ll spank me for this… I don’t care. Use the lube. Please. Have mercy!”

He made no comment to my outburst, but paused, and I could hear lube-squirting-onto-finger noises. I knew he’d heard my plea as it had been intended — one from the heart. I thanked heaven silently that he was a compassionate person, and that since I’d been the first person to ever finger-fuck his ass (an event that had taken place only that morning) and had made a point of using lube when I did, he’d know that I wasn’t being cheeky in an attempt to have my ass paddled.

His finger slid into my ass, and I gasped as it was withdrawn and then replaced with an almost-identical companion digit.

“That’s good, baby… yes?”

I nodded.

“Does it feel good when I combine it with this?” he asked.

Suddenly my cunt was filled with 8.5″ of rabbit vibrator. The fingers continued to move in and out of me. I was floating in bliss, experiencing mini-orgasms in rapid succession. The fingers were once again withdrawn, and this time replaced with a (well-lubricated) plain vibrator.

Dual penetration. And buzzing vibrations with it. I was nearing complete ecstasy. I cried out in blissed-out joy, which was what he’d been waiting for.

Thwack! Whack! Smack! His hand landed a series of blows on my buttocks.

“Who said you could speak, slut?”

I bowed my head penitently.

He leaned over until I could feel his lips against my ear, and his breath on my cheek. “Now I’m going to punish you,” he murmured meaningfully. My mind raced as to what my punishment might entail. I knew what I hoped it would be.

Slowly and deliberately, he removed the plain vibrator from my ass, and pushed the rabbit further into my cunt from where it had strayed. He paused to sweep his hand beneath the rabbit to collect some of my previously gushed juice, and added a judicious dollop of lube, smearing the mixture up and down his shaft. I couldn’t see this, but I knew it was what he was doing by the action that followed. And it was exactly what I’d hoped.

I felt his cock nudging at my anus. Idly I wondered whether the dildo that had been in it previously would have had any kind of stretching effect. And then, as the initial pain hit and I wondered afresh why i ever allowed men anywhere near my poor little ass if this was the effect (immediately prior to the mumbling blissful feelings that followed during which I mercifully forgot and blocked out all thought of the agony), i realized that no great stretching had been effected.

But then, as it always does, the pain receded and the pleasure began. For a Dom who was fucking my ass but good, he was surprisingly gentle and smooth, and i allowed myself a whimper or two of ecstatic bliss. The vibrator buzzing within me combined with the ass-fucking sensations brought me closer and closer to orgasm until it suddenly hit, and i gasped as the vibe flew onto the bed, when my cunt shuddered from within and forced it out.

As I subsided into a quivering heap of happiness and post-orgasmic satisfaction, he removed my blindfold, and my shackles, thereby ending the Dom/sub session. It was just me and him again.

“Did you come?” I whispered, all but spent from the hours of fucking.

“I came in your ass,” he grinned. “I’ve wanted to do that since I met you.”

And playfully spanked me once more on my ass… for luck.

Hazy light filters through an opened window, half concealed by a thickly-lined, partly-drawn curtain. Two bodies lie molded together, back-to-belly. Breathing in tandem… slow, steady, calm and peaceful.

Her arm is draped languidly over his waist, and her head is buried between his shoulder blades; face turned ceiling-wards to avoid suffocation. His fingers play lazily with hers, softly pulling them towards his face so she can feel his breath on them. He grunts involuntarily and shifts slightly so that her hand is now hanging over the soft bare skin of his stomach.

He sighs contentedly, mildly rousing her from her slumbers. Instinctively, her fingers begin to subtly trace patterns across his stomach and across the soft hair on his torso. She can feel the baby-soft skin beneath the tangle and she delights in the sensation that she causes, hearing it as he sighs almost-silently. The soft noises intensify as he shifts himself once more so that he is turned towards her and his fingertips on her body are mimicking hers on his own.

Tracing multi-dimensional shapes and patterns over warm, sleepy-soft skin, they each learn the various dips and contours of the other’s body as if anew. Her fingers restrict themselves mostly to his abdomen and chest, marveling at the breadth and strength contained therein. His sweep across a more macro plane — running over her shoulders, down her back and then up to her neck. Each time skimming the soft tender spot beneath her ear lobe, causing her to shiver afresh with delight, again and again.

They lie this way for what seems like hours, reacquainting themselves with each other physically. For now, no other contact is made although her nipples are taut and upstanding, and he can feel his arousal and his cock grow stronger by the second.

She can feel herself moistening rapidly, and decides to shift the current paradigm. Removing her hand from his torso, she reaches behind her back and grabs his. Instinctively, he uses this position to pull her closer toward him, until their faces touch and she can feel his breath on her cheek. She pulls his hand down and around and with a bold movement, sweeps it between her legs.

He moans appreciatively.

“Good god, you’re so wet.”

These are the first words that pass between them that morning, and they crystallize the mood for their time together — the time that this dawn has heralded.

Warm, tender and thoroughly depraved.

Her fingers once again itch to mimic his, and she moves her hand to his cock, eliciting deeper, more vocal sighs and moans of pleasure and appreciation. She moves her body so that he can continue his ministrations to her cunt, and pauses only to apply a dollop of lube to her fingertips. She continues her encouraging stroking of his cock, and accompanies it with a inquisitively slick finger sliding into his ass, crooking the digit once inside to reach and stimulate his prostate. She’s known he’s wanted this for a long time, and is secretly pleased because she also knows that she’s the first to do this for him. He yelps in delight.

“Oh my god! Yes, it’s so good….. oh…. yeeessss…. so so so good….mmm.”

His skilled fingers respond to this by seeking out her most vulnerable and orgiastic places, and stimulating them until she gasps from the intensity of the orgasm about to hit.

Together, they each induce an orgasm from the other. Lying there, silent but for involuntary ecstasy, they subside back into a warm embrace.

Dawn has indeed broken.

And so, the weekend begins.

Considering where my head has been recently, you may find it surprising to hear of one of the more touchingly sweet encounters of my sexually active life. This was a while back, with a wonderful sweet person who has since moved on to other things.

But I still think of him with deep affection, and a shudder of thrillingly sexy sensation.

Oddly enough, he holds the land-speed record — before and since — for the shortest time between meeting face-to-face, to horizontal naked macarena. Through no insistence of his own, or arm-twisting or any kind of coercion. It was just that I desperately wanted — needed — to feel his arms around me from the second I laid eyes on him, and I knew he was more than willing, so I enabled it.

He was wonderfully charming and very old-school in his attitude.. and while it was clear from our pre-meeting emails and phone calls that he was simply sizzling with lust, (as, I do confess, was I) it was also blatantly obvious that he was not the sort of man to make any overtly forward move, for fear of being thought pushy or impolite.

Fortunately for both of us, I’m not a shy or retiring person, and waiting around patiently does not suit me.

Especially when a man looks at me with eyes so clear and sweet that I could have dived right into them, then and there. And has the sort of loose-limbed, tall, strong and yet comfortable body that just begs to enfold you within a massive bear hug, into which you could feel comforted and protected and lost and safe and warm all at once.

I kissed him almost as soon as I saw him. In other words, he had me at “Hello”. So to speak.

“So how did you get into swinging?” I asked him, as we drove along, his hand resting gently on the gear stick, and brushing my knee each time he changed gear.

“Well,” he said, “It started when the first woman i saw after my divorce told me she had a really strong wish to try it, so I suggested that we try a swinger’s club. And we did.”

“Are you still with her?” I asked him.

“Kinda,” he said, steering the car deftly around a stalled vehicle in the middle of two lanes — no mean feat, considering that each time his fingers brushed my knee, i could sense an almost imperceptible shiver run through him. “We have, as you’d presume for a swinging couple, a very open relationship. In fact, we’re more like really good friends now than anything else.”

“That’s good,” I said. “I’d hate to think I was treading on someone else’s toes, if i wanted to see you again.”

I already knew that I did.


It wasn’t so much that we were unable to keep our hands off each other. In this case, it was literal. I mean, I just up and kissed him, shocking myself at how bold I had become in real life, how brazen i was even out of fantasy mode, and how proud I was of having the guts to be what I wanted to be; what i felt i really was as a person, down deep below the layers of human frailty, and wannabe, and disappointment, and fear and worry. After this initial jump-start on my part, he took the lead and I… well, I let him. It was lovely. He took my little foot in his enormous strong hands and began to massage the heel and instep, all the while continuing to talk.

During the course of our time together (regrettably short on this particular occasion) we talked a lot.

“Wait!” I said, removing my sock quickly, “no one needs to have to deal with that particular item of clothing of mine. Not when it’s raining outside.”

He smiled at me — that gorgeous, winning smile that had captivated me completely.

Continuing to palpate and stroke my foot, his hands slowly moved up to my ankle, and then further up my calf.

Ever impetuous and over-zealous, i shifted my hips closer to him on the bed, so that he could slide his hand further up the leg of my jeans. He smiled that million dollar smile again, and i nearly dissolved into bubbles of happiness. He was just so lovely to be with.

He continued what he was describing, as if his hands were not roaming up my denim-clad legs, smoothly sending tingles of anticipation through me. I tried hard to focus on what he was saying in order to come back with an intelligent (hell, at this stage I’d have settled for intelligible) reply, and managed a highly unsatisfactory “Uhhmmm… mmm, hummmmum.”

He looked me in the eye. Eye contact does it for me, you may have noticed.

“Am I distracting you with something?” he asked, with a twinkle.

I cleared my throat.

“I was just, umm-hmmm, wondering. You know. If maybe i was, or we were, uhmmm…. overdressed?”

The twinkle brightened further, and he removed his sweater.

“Consider that ball a-rolling.”

Minutes later, as we lay, our naked skin touching for the first time from stem to stern, I became very conscious of how comfortable i felt. We’d kissed endlessly as we’d walked into the room, and he’d mentioned something about how easy it felt when we kissed, and how natural it seemed, regardless of the relatively short period of time that we’d spent breathing the same airspace. This only accentuated it.

His hand parted my thighs, and I felt his cool finger brush along my slit, opening it to further exploration. The juices brimmed over the sides, and i felt his finger slicken as it moved further within me.

He sighed, happily. “Mmmmm… so wet. Wonderful.”

I sighed, unconsciously echoing him. “It’s you, all because of you baby…. oh!”

That last exclamation was as his index finger brushed my clit tantalizingly, and then slid straight into me, with two of its friends as company.

And as his fingers found my slippery wetness, so his mouth found my breast. Specifically, my nipple. He suckled, and then at my urging, bit it gently. He sighed with ecstasy at the discovery of this particular kinkette of mine, and responded with enthusiasm. I yelped with joy.

“I’m a great admirer of the female breast, and baby, yours are beautiful. Mmmm…”


It didn’t matter that we didn’t have enough time that day to explore each other fully. I think we both knew that we’d meet again from approximately the first moment we laid eyes on each other.

When we fucked it was an experience unlike any other. Which, while arguably something that could be said of every man with whom I’ve slept, was an unusual and wonderfully unique situation. He was so passionate,and so genuine about it. It was beautiful. As he bucked above me, and my hips moved in response, and we kissed and kissed over and over, mouths moving on mouths and then spilling over onto cheeks, necks, shoulders, holding each other so close it seemed like we might meld at one point, and as his cock thrust into me over and over it was my turn to cry out in ecstasy… it was wonderful.

Vanilla, served as it should always be — horizontally, anyway.