Fleshbotted again.

The blindfold covers my eyes, and world goes dark at the same moment i hear the door slam shut. For a moment my heart stops; my breath caught somewhere between my lungs and my lips; my head a-whirl and spinning… Then i feel the telltale breath on my neck, as a hand runs deliberately and slowly down my arm, coming to rest on my abdomen, pulling me tightly into him.

I’m not afraid. i know what is happening. Fear of the unknown is something that has never troubled me during the various experiments that we’ve tried. He could easily overpower me, but he won’t. This isn’t about BDSM in any way. This is about the element of surprise.

I lean back onto his chest. I can sense that he’s taller than I am, and much stronger. His free hand raises to my face, and traces the outline of my cheek, allowing me to smell the heady scent of the soft Italian leather of his jacket. His finger brushes my lips, pausing just long enough for me to enclose a finger between them, and softly lick it.

His torso presses into my back, and his hips tilt towards me seductively. I melt back into him, knowing that i can only remain passive for so long; desperately hoping he can sense the urgency i feel; the need to be taken, and taken now. Hard, fast and furious; this was the brief.

My doubts linger for a second, but are suddenly dispelled, when in one movement his hand moves swiftly to my neck, and rips my tee shirt down the front, exposing my unfettered breasts with their erect and tingling nipples.

The gentleness he exhibited prior to this latest development has abruptly halted, but his movements haven’t. He pivots me 180 degrees, bringing my face to his and kissing me urgently, his hands still roaming my body and ripping items of clothing away from it.

No slack myself in the urgent desire stakes, i match his ardor and grapple wildly at what i fumblingly find is his crotch in a vain attempt to unzip him, and release the hard, throbbing cock that i had felt digging into my ass only moments earlier.

My plans are foiled, however, when he pulls his pelvis away from my eager hands. I feel his head at thigh-level, as he moves himself down me to a crouching position, all the better to pull off my shorts and expose my neatly trimmed pubis to his inquisitive tongue.

I’m momentarily dumb stricken as he pushes his mouth into my cunt, his probing tongue reaching deeper than i would have expected. His hands manage to simultaneously grasp my buttocks, and feel between them, his long fingers sneaking into my crack and stroking between it, even reaching my now sopping wet labia in their enthusiasm.

My speechlessness ends as i hear myself yelp with pleasure. I feel my knees weaken, and grasp his thick red hair just above his ears to let him know that if he doesn’t situate me horizontally himself, it may happen in a manner more uncontrolled – something I’d rather not experience in my state of enforced darkness.

Taking the hint, he removes one hand from my ass and cunt, and cuffs me behind the knees, catching me as i crumple, laying me on the rug, and in doing so dislodging my blindfold. I see he is still fully clothed, apart from a gaping maw of a fly from which protrudes his cock; a most appetizing spectacle that i suddenly need inside me more than i ever needed anything before. I don’t have long to view it though, as he rapidly shrugs off his jacket and jeans, and his black shirt, then repositions the blindfold before returning to his continued worship of my cunt, as i resume my squeals of delight.

I wrap my legs around his head, holding him fast to me, arching in ecstasy as his active tongue strokes my clit. One of his hands slips a finger into my anus, and the other enters first two, then three, then four fingers into my cunt; the combination of which sends me to an even greater plane of ecstasy. My sightlessness only accentuates the feeling, and i feel the spiral whirl me yet higher.

I feel myself edging closer and closer to orgasm with each ruthless lick of his tongue; in my continued darkness i feel the myriad colors of exquisite orgasmic joy explode around me as it hits. Prism-like waves of bliss wash over me, and I am vaguely aware of a distant voice praising various religious icons and saviors… a voice, it later occurs to me, that is my own.

I release my grip on his hair, relaxing my fingers from where they are currently tightly entangled, and slowly uncross my legs so that he can move up towards me. I feel him gradually inch his way up towards me, languorously, methodically slowly; in sharp contrast to his earlier frenzied and fevered offensive. Delighting in this metered approach i wait patiently until i feel his lips against mine once more, and taste myself on him as he kisses me passionately.

Surreptitiously I undo my blindfold, knowing from the brush of his eyelashes against the curve of my cheekbones that his concentration is focused elsewhere. In a lightening movement, i cover his eyes with the slip of black satin, thus rendering him to now be the one surprised.