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I lay back against the pillow, still catching my breath, as FS sat contemplating my body, marker in hand, coolly thinking about where exactly he would write a message for Mr Henry to read.

I smiled. I knew how much Mr Henry would love this, especially reading the proof of my actions as a bodily inscription. The thought of reclaiming me was what aroused him almost more than any other; and this non-permanent mark would send him off the charts.

FS exhaled audibly, and moved himself down the bed, until his face was level with my pubis, and i could feel his breath on my inner thigh. “Perfect,” he murmured as his head sank down between my legs. “Right… here.”

His head rested on my right thigh, as i felt the ticklish movements of the marker as it trailed over my inner left thigh. I barely dared breathe; his face was tantalizingly close to my labia, yet he was so intent on writing that he seemed to not have noticed. But i had, and it was all i could do to stop myself from scissoring my legs so that they ensnared his throat and brought his eager and talented tongue to my clit, to lap up the remnants of all he had gushed into me only a short while previously.

Eventually the tickling of the marker subsided, and i felt his head relax into my thigh. Languidly, he traced an imaginary border around his words, as he read them out to me:

“One of the most glorious fucks I’ve ever experienced. Juno is a gem, Mr H; you are a most fortunate individual.”

I blushed, and giggled nervously. “That’s such a lovely thing to say, FS. I’m really touched.”

He turned his head, and quickly flicked at my labia with his tongue, sending a frisson of excitement down my spine. I let out an involuntary sigh of pleasure, and shifted myself slightly so that my cunt was more accessible than ever to him.

He flicked his tongue again, this time lingering slightly longer; tracing a circle around my clit with his tongue as he had just done on my thigh with his finger.

“I’d say you certainly have been touched, you devilish vixen.”

My response was to sigh with pleasure again, and to wrap my thighs about him, so that he had no choice but to continue what he started. Fortunately, he seemed to have no objection to this, as his tongue delved further within me. I could feel his bold strokes, intersected with tickling nibbles and fairy kisses, as my cunt grew hotter and hotter, and the joy within me grew.

“Oh my god… oh Jesus, Mary and all the saints… god, yes. Yes. Yes!”

He eased the position of my legs around his neck slightly, so that he could alter his own position. Suddenly i felt three of his fingers slide inside me, and begin an in-out rhythm that had me spellbound with ecstasy. His tongue now concentrated firmly on my clit, lapping at the engorged bud of flesh as i writhed in exquisite enjoyment.

I neared my apex, and clutched wildly at his hair, as he sucked and savored me enthusiastically. Dimly i was aware of a key turning in the lock of the front door, and someone entering the house. It could only be one person; the one person i wanted here right now, to see me thrash about with such sensual abandon, as i soared closer and closer to my peak; the one person who would want to see me this way… my adored lover, Mr Henry.

Sure enough, the telltale creak of the bedroom door indicated to me that my beloved and voyeuristic partner had entered, and was surveying the scene with relish. I heard his low, throaty chuckle of approval, and a moment later felt him sit down on the bed next to me, and run his hand over my hard and upright nipples, and up to my face. He cupped my cheek in his palm and brought his lips to mine as i continued to contort and quiver with delight.

My orgasm hit, and i gushed all over FS’s face, which he gobbled at hungrily, as if it were manna from heaven. Mr Henry continued to kiss my face; on my cheeks, my eyelashes, my nose until he finally found my lips and we shared a long passionate clinch. I knew how aroused he was, and i knew he wanted nothing more than to reclaim me, but there were other priorities before i allowed him that.

FS disengaged from licking my labia, and rolled away from my legs. I guided Mr Henry’s head down to where FS’s head had just been, and parted my thighs, so that he could read the inscription easily.

He looked at me.

“A glorious fuck? A gem? Good man, FS. Your taste is exquisite. I’m so glad you enjoyed my lovely Juno. From the look on her face she enjoyed you too, immensely. And now, if you’ll excuse me, i have to reclaim her, make her mine again.”

He shed his clothes rapidly, and took me in his arms. I melted into him. And across the room, FS settled into prime voyeuristic pole position as Mr Henry repossessed what was rightfully his.