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Through the crowded bar, FS led me by the hand outside into the cold, making our way across the car park to his SUV.

My hand felt small and comforted by his, his long cool fingers wrapped around mine, his thumb stroking the back of mine gently. He strode ahead, pulling me behind him, not letting me go for a second. Not that I planned to go anywhere without him. I was too excited. Even once we were in the car, one hand held mine, as he steered with the other.

“Um.. could we make a quick stop here, please?” I asked him, indicating to the all-night convenience store.

“I have condoms,” he said, with a grin.

I blushed. “I have no doubt you do,” I replied, “But I need something else that you might not have.”

He turned and looked at me quizzically, with a mischievous grin.

“The mind boggles. I’ll wait for you here. You won’t be long?”

Assuring him I’d only be a minute, I unbuckled my seat belt and dashed out into the cold night, returning a couple of minutes later with a small plastic bag that I quickly tucked into my handbag.

“All will be revealed. Eventually,” I smiled. “Contain your soul in patience.”

I directed him through the brightly lit streets to our home, and he parked outside the front door. I couldn’t see Mr Henry’s car anywhere, which didn’t surprise me. He’d be home later. This was how he liked it.

Falling through the front door, he immediately took me in his arms, and bent his head to kiss me. I could smell a strong, manly aftershave that he must have used on his cheeks, and I noticed that his goatee was freshly trimmed.

I love a man with a goatee. It’s such a sexy look. Call me retro, it’s just the way I’m wired.

His lips were soft as they moved with mine, his tongue gently probing mine, licking my inner lip. My head was whirling — god, he was so damn sexy.

I broke away after a few minutes, and leaned against the wall for support, exhaling.

“You want a drink, or something?” I inquired.

He focused his dark gaze on me, and said nothing for a second. Then, in a hoarse whisper: “I want you, Juno. Just you.”

I extended a hand to him, and led him up the stairs to the master bedroom. I threw my handbag wildly over to the far corner, and then turned to face him. He then started removing my clothing, item by item, and flinging them across the room, one by one.

I let him. I let him do this. It excited me, and aroused me even more than I already was.

He gave me a little push, and my knees buckled, dropping me onto the bed. I shuffled myself backwards, and sat there, one knee bent, regarding him as he removed his own clothing, slowly, sensually… deliberately.

“There it is again,” he purred. “That come hither’ look you’ve been flashing me all evening. Do you mean it? Should I come hither?”

“What do you think?” I murmured, almost speechless with desire, and stretched out my arms towards him. In a second, he was lying beside me, holding me close, running his hands over my back and my torso as we kissed passionately.

I could feel his cock digging into my thigh, and reached one arm down to stroke it, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from him as I stroked the soft skin on his balls gently. Making an “O” with my thumb and index finger, I encircled his thick shaft and began to slowly stroke it; up and down, up and down. I could feel him getting harder within my hand with each stroke.

I extended my middle fingernail, and incorporated a little teasing into the stroking; up the shaft; around his cockhead, tracing the rim softly but firmly, so that he knew I was purposely toying with him. I felt him quiver with excitement next to me. I knew I could have him plunge that hardness straight into me, right that second, if I so chose, but I wanted to wait a little longer.

His hands gravitated to my ass and began to stroke me in turn, causing me to gasp with delight as his nimble fingers found every erogenous spot in the area, and engaged them. I was enraptured. He knew exactly where to touch me, and just the right way how.

I moved my mouth from his, and began kissing his bearded chin, with little nibbles and nips as I breathed into his cheek. He responded by kissing my face and neck, gravitating towards my very sensitive ear lobe, and nipping it.


His other hand was on my breast now, massaging it and mildly tweaking my nipple as I yelped in delight. I couldn’t believe how wet and aroused I continued to become — it was like a never ending upwards spiral.

As his cock hardened ever more within my hand, I found myself weakening; I could hold out no longer. I had to have that cock in me; in my hot, wet and pulsating cunt. Ruthlessly, I removed my hand from him and shifted my position so that my intentions were clear. Once again, our eyes met, and he paused for an eternal second, before smiling at me wickedly, and slowly spreading my thighs; holding them open willfully and waiting.

I lay there, almost insane with desire, my eyes begging him, pleading with him to fuck me. He arranged himself so that he was semi-upright, with my legs encircling his waist… and plunged straight into my slippery cunt, grunting my name, and holding himself there.

I could have died and gone to heaven. But the best was yet to come. And so was I.

He held my hips, and moved my body until his cock was hitting my G-spot each time he thrust into me. I was unable to do anything other than fuck him back; hard, fast, furious. Our eyes never left each other as we silently fucked. I could feeling him becoming more excited with each stroke, mirroring how I felt perfectly.

I too was nearing my peak, as his relentless stimulation of my G-spot with his hot, hard cock continued, but I wanted to come when he did.

“Are you close?” I gasped as he pumped into me.

“Yes. You?” he growled. I nodded.

“Oh god, oh yes… oh god yesssssss… oh Juno… Juno…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was his strangled cry as he came, gushing come into me; my pussy contracting and clenching around him as I also peaked… coming for what seemed like hours on end, before finally subsiding.

He withdrew after a minute or two and collapsed next to me, once again taking me in his arms, but this time with a more affectionate gesture. We lay entangled, winded, each trying to catch our breath, in that glorious post-coital haze that surrounds a really good, compatible fuck.



Neither of us could muster anything more intelligible at that point.

Suddenly, I remembered something, and reached down to my handbag, which had fortuitously landed by the side of the bed, and extracted the purchase I had made on the way home, earlier. I handed it to him, and he looked at me inquiringly.

“What exactly do you want me to do with this marker pen?” he asked.

“It’s for you, to leave your mark, so that Mr Henry can see you were here. Not on the headboard. On me.”

An amused grin slowly spread across his face. I could see that the idea appealed to him, tickled him even.

“Give me a minute to think of an appropriate comment, and location.”

I smiled at him and nodded. It was the least I could do.

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