It is not often that we meet someone compatible.

Not that finding a person who will agree to being the third in a threesome is difficult. Not at all. But compatibility… that’s the key.

Some background is required, I think. Mr Henry and I have been lovers for a long time. I adore him, and he adores me; he is the one true love of my life. We have no secrets, we share everything. And we indulge each others most intimate desires. Being with him means that I am truly happy for the first time in my life. Living with him has been nothing but bliss from day one.

Of course, it helps that our fantasies coincide. He and I are of one mind about many things. Intellectually we click. In terms of humor, we can amuse each other for hours. Affection-wise, we can lie in others arms for hours on end, just being together.

Sexually, he likes to share me, and I like to be shared. The idea of being the F in an MFM sandwich arouses me beyond belief. The idea of being cuckolded has a similar effect on him. We’re odd. But it works for us.

Finding the third person to join us in such a scenario takes time, patience and understanding. There are always many candidates for such a position, but it’s never a case of first come, first served (no pun intended). There are always “interviews” — at a quiet table in a wine bar, a chat that appears to all intents and purposes to be about the usual wine bar topics, but is in reality a careful screening of the person. It’s necessary…not just for instant removal of the weirdo in the pack, but also for compatibility issues.

No one had ever fit the compatibility register quite as well as FS.

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